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Baalu Associate is a leading Law & IP Firm in India, Specialized in Intellectual Property Rights. Established in the year 2001, the firm has competed over 24 years of committed to excellence in the Service of Intellectual Property Rights interests of corporate and individual clients. The Firm handle work of the most prestigious organizations in and around the world. The office is situated at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu , INDIA . Baalu Associate is headed & Managed by Professionals Experts who has more than 24 years of Experience and provide specialist advice and assistance to clients in the field of Intellectual Property Management. Our expert team supports you to protect your Trademarks, copyright, patent and design across India and abroad ranging from filing for registration to suing before courts for protection.
Additionally, most of the firm’s professionals have formative degrees in natural arts or business, prior to qualifying as lawyers, which is useful while navigating complex IP and techno-legal issues.
Look after General Consultation on IPR Matter, Brand Registration ,Copyright , Design and Patent , Registration , Advice Litigation Matters, Handling Seminars, Workshops and IPR Awareness program.

Issued in public interest

Duration As long as it remains a secret 24 years Life of author 60 year 10 years and further renewal in perpetuity for terms of 10 years 15 years and further renewable for term of five years 10 years and further renewable perpetuity for termsof 10 years
Prohibited Acts Misappropriation Make,use or sell process Copying / substantial similarity Like hood of confusion Using imitation of design on articles Misleading about geographical origin of goods
Injunctive proctection Stop use by those misappropriating Right to exclude Copying of particular expression As log as used Right to exclude other from using the design Exclusive right used
Interested Protected Business information Inventions Expression of ideas Consumer recognition of Brand , avoid confusion New & Original design applied to articles Names indicating goods originate from a particular geographical area
Criteria for obtaining Not generally known , Economically valuable New, useful non-obvious Original First to use in commerce Original Goods should originate from a geographical area and have outstanding qualities specific to that area
Time to act Before disclosure Before disclosure of the invention of the invention to public Anytime but must register before lawsuit Upon intent to use or actual use Upon creation and before disclosure Upon intent to use or actual use
Registration No registration Controller of patents Indian Copyright office Register of Trademarks Controller of Designs Registrar of Geographical indications

Our Professional Team

Adept at end to end prosecution of Trade Mark, Patent, Copyrights and Courts of Law. She also has vast knowledge in analyzing innovation disclosure, conducting prior art search, Filing & prosecution of Applications for Trademarks, Patents, and Designs & Copyrights.

B.arthi , MBA., PGD.IPR,BBA., B.A., B.L
Advocate & Trademark Attorney

She actively works as an IP Advisor & work towards providing Inputs towards strategy, Pre litigation Case & Case Management on Company Matters & Ready to Contest IP Matter before the Tribunals & Court of Law.

B.Preethi , MBA, M.A.,PGD.IPR, B.Com., B.L
Advocate & Trademark Attorney

Adept at handling IP work for technology, pharmaceutical and biotech-focused clients. Also well placed to assist clients with filing IP application outside of India. Has noteworthy experience & able to advise clients on the protection of IP Rights.

B.Swathi , M.sc., MBA., PGD.IPR.
Registered Trademark Agent

More than 24 years of professional experienced in the field of IPR as a advisor and as a Customer Care support management and well experienced in understanding customers requirements and provide strategic advices.

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